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 75 reviews
by Mary on Pawgo

Desiree did an excellent job grooming my cat Maui. He is old has arthritis in his back legs and was terribly matted. Desiree was very gentle with him and took her time with him. You can tell she honestly does love her job and the animals she grooms. I definitely recommend her for any grooming services.

My name is Desiree. I’ve been working with animals for 17 years in a boarding facility, a vet office grooming salon and having my own rescue. My passion has always been to work with all animals, cats and dogs and anything else with a pulse!

I’ve been working with animals for 17 years now and still going strong.

My schedule: Thursdays through Mondays – 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Average rating:  
 75 reviews
by Mary on Pawgo

Desiree did an excellent job grooming my cat Maui. He is old has arthritis in his back legs and was terribly matted. Desiree was very gentle with him and took her time with him. You can tell she honestly does love her job and the animals she grooms. I definitely recommend her for any grooming services.

by Rachel A. on Pawgo

Desirae did an excellent job on making my boys look so handsome. Artemis (long hair dachshund) came out looking so good, he was so happy afterwards. He felt so sexy!! Even Gizmo (piebald dachshund), came out feeling fresh and excited.

by Helen on Pawgo

Desiree clipped the nails for our cat Cana. He has been almost impossible to get this nails clipped. She handled him well and got the job done. Highly recommend her for your pet

by Kathy on Pawgo

You did not show and/or groom Nikki! This was the 2nd appointment iI scheduled with you. The first appointment was cancellef due to you being out sick which was understandable so I rescheduled another appointment. I was told you were running late for that appointment but never showed or called so I had to go elsewhere.

by Marcella on Pawgo

Desiree has done an excellent job grooming rocco, my cat.

by Sara on Pawgo

Desiree did a great job with my 13 year old lab/chow mix. She did exactly what I wanted and ensured the comfort and safety of my dog. I will not hesitate to request her services in the future. Thank you Desiree!

by barbara on Pawgo

less than zero. check your review on yelp!

by Regina on Pawgo

Snowball looks great and she loves Desiree.

by Kyle on Pawgo

Thank you! Bailey didn’t have trouble at all and was very clean, definitely will schedule an appt in the future!

by Tavia M on Pawgo

Desiree your were great with William. He does not like water so we use dry shampoo. You gave him a bath in water and you said he was great. I know the brushing was difficult but you did it. He looks better than ever. Thanks

by Tony P. on Pawgo

Desiree absolutely rocks! My dogs love her and look great. She is also cool to talk to!

by LAURENA on Pawgo

My dog is so fearful of water. He hates anything to do with grooming. You give him a bath and you have more water on you than he did. Well i got tired of this fighting with him and just by chance called and was sent this angel from above who is so knowledgeable, patient, took her time and explained to me everything that I was doing wrong. You cannot believe what a cutie pie was under all the ticks and grime. He is still just a pup but Desiree took and handled him with extreme care and love. What a relief for me and for him. We Love You Desiree. From the Owner of Chippilone.

by roberta on Pawgo

i am sorrydesiree,but no one ever returned my phone call to even set up a time or date for service.i cant speak to your service but if this is the level of service it may be a blessing.thanks again roberta

by Dawn Creighton on Pawgo

Desiree was amazing with our Chihuahua Cerro. He is a sweet boy, but doesn't usually like many people. He took to Desiree right away and she did a great job with his bath and nail trim. Thanks for treating our old puppy like family.

by Margie on Pawgo

Desiree groomed my roomate's older cat Mystic. She is a long haired cat that has never been groomed before. She was developing many hair knots that made her uncomfortable. Desiree did a great job cutting her hair. Mystic looks like a brand new cat. She does look a little like a lion ;) Mystic did great and Desiree was very gentle with the old lady Mystic. Mystic looks so much happier with her summer cut. Would definitely use Desiree again! she was very courteous, kind, and easy going. She was willing to give my own Chihuahua an unplanned nail trim as well without batting an eye. Thanks Desiree you were awesome!!

by Frances on Pawgo

You did a wonderful job with Nina

by Phyllis on Pawgo

Ms Vicky has been getting feisty in her old age of 16, and gave Desiree a tough time, but her lion cut came out purrr-fectly. As a Turkish Angoura, she starts to get sweaty and starts matting when the heat sets in, so she's been much more comfortable in the summer heat after a good shave down. She's been prancing around like a movie star ever since! She knows that she looks good. >^.,.^

by Nancy on Pawgo

Hi, i"m so sorry you had so much trouble with Roxy,but she is old ,I don't know what I'm going to do for her next appointment,I don't want to put her through that that again

by Kristee on Pawgo

Desiree, perfect job on bogart! He likes you. I appreciate your concern for his safety while grooming. This is my top priority. He always looks perfect when u r done with him. Good job and see u again soon.

by Marcella on Pawgo

Hi, thank you very much for the care you give my cat, I appreciate it.

by Sue on Pawgo

As always...a great job with Lex!

by Tami on Pawgo

Meow’s first grooming experience was excellent. Thank you so much! Meow is strutting her new look.

by Lupe on Pawgo

Thank you Desiree for being so awesome with our baby lady she really loves you.

by Sheila on Pawgo

Thank you for being so kind to Precious. Sadly we had to send her to Doggy Heaven on July 5th.

by Hyla Stanton on Pawgo

I was beyond impressed that Exene came back to me without being shaved. She had horrible knots and Desiree got all of them out. I loved her work on my long hair cat.

by Alan Gates on Pawgo

Desiree did a great job on my 15 year old, very nervous wire haired fox terrier. Angus doesn't like to be touched and that makes grooming tough for him.
As far as I can tell, Desiree did a great job with that.
I will definately ask for her again.

by Sue on Pawgo

For some reason Lex was reticent about having his nails clipped on this visit. Desiree was very patient and gave him the time he needed to settle into it. Thank you as always. Sue, Bill, and Lex. your photo!

by Lisa perras on Pawgo

I think this is the 3rd or 4th time with Desiree. She is wonderful with my girls and she does a wonderful job. When i made an appointment last time, they asked if i wanted someone sooner since she was so busy, but I'll wait :) it's hard to find someone you really like for your "kids". Thank you!

by Jill Taylor on Pawgo

Excellent job! Zoey looked neat and beautiful! Love the convenience of being home & Zoey not being confined.

by Cheryl Traines on Pawgo

I love Desiree. She is a real animal lover and Jazz is so happy to see her, so Jazz wants me to request Desiree for her grooming every time. ;-)

by Sara on Pawgo

Desiree did a great job grooming my lab mix Sara. She was pleasant and worked well with my dog. I will not hesitate to call her for Sara's next grooming. Thanks, Desiree, for a job well done!

by Sue on Pawgo

As always, Desiree did an outstanding job giving Lex his monthly "paw-icure:" She always takes the time to let Lex "smell" her after it is done...his way of saying thanks. Sue and Bill and of course Lex!

by Joe on Pawgo

Very happy with the service. Will be booking again for sure.

by Lesley on Pawgo

We've been using Desiree for about a year and she always does a terrific job grooming our two, 12 year old shih tzu/poodle mix dogs. We love the convenience of having a mobile groomer.

by Marna Morgan on Pawgo

We are very pleased with Desiree’s grooming of our mini-poodle. We will continue to use Desiree and Pawgo and would highly recommend both.

by Madeline Modrak on Pawgo

Desiree always does a great Job! She listens to my wishes although I’m not easy to understand. Very patient! Rocco looks Great!

by Stella on Pawgo

She gave our Himalayan cat, Lexi, a Lion cut. I would use Desiree again.

by Irene Steffen on Pawgo

Desiree does a great job with a not so easy Cat. Lady Freya feels comfortable with Desiree and so do I! Thanks for doing a great job with my old Girl!

by Tracy on Pawgo

Desiree groomed my dog Lexi today. She is 14 years old. Desiree was ausome with her. Will have her back in a heartbeat. Thank you Desiree!!!!!!!!!!

by Louise on Pawgo

We all (me and 5 dogs) met Desiree for the first time today. It was a great experience. Desiree understood each dog's personality. They were so happy to have a "spa day" at our home, I was thrilled. Thank you Desiree!

by Cherie Hanzlicek on Pawgo

Gruffy loves his groomer Desirre he is a Yorkie and he is 13 years old and has always had home groomers but Desirre is the best.She gets his personality and grooms him that way. We hope we have a long relationship with her.

by patrick on Pawgo

Did A + job

by Katie on Pawgo

Desiree has been grooming our toy poodle, Zoe, for close to a year now. She came to the rescue after she received a poor cut from another groomer. Zoe is 10 and high anxiety but Desiree does a great job putting her at ease! I love the mobile grooming too - this take about an hour vs the 3-4 hours some drop-off places take! Thanks Desiree for making Zoe look fabulous.

by Lynda on Pawgo

Desiree has groomed our Australian Terrier, Oliver, three or four times now and I continue to be impressed with the excellent job she's done. She's got a great personality and her genuine love for pets shines through. If you are looking for a groomer who always goes the extra mile, I hope you'll book your next appointment with Desiree. I know you'll be happy you did.

by Tammy on Pawgo

Desiree is awesome!!! She groomed my dogs for the first time yesterday. She does excellent work and is very professional. I had a bad mobile groomer experience before her so I was worried about trying someone new and I am so happy I did. I highly recommend her and we will definitely be using her again.

by Kayla on Pawgo

I had my dog groomed for the first time with Desiree and he loved her. I’m so happy with her services and how nice and understanding she was with me since I’ve never gotten my dog groomed before and it was our first time. I would definitely recommend her to others and will specially ask for her next time.

by Kimberli on Pawgo

So happy with her services. My little Scottie was a mess and needed to unfortunately be shaved however I know she'll get him back to his pretty Scottie look after after a couple more visits. I won't use anyone else again!

by Regina Snipp on Pawgo

I gave desire a picture and she groomed my bischon frise exactly like the picture. Everybody says I should enter my dog in a competition because she looks so good.

by Martha Mellott on Pawgo

Miss Desiree ie the best. She’s wonderful with Georgie.Georgie has issues with dry skin and allergies. He’s a dashound.She takes her time and he always looks so cute.I’m so happy with her. I have seen an improvement in Georgie.

by Marchelle on Pawgo

Desiree was great! Jack looks and smells awesome with the puppy cut Desiree gave him, even though he is 11 years old! Thank you Desiree and we will see you in a few more weeks!!'

by Jennifer on Pawgo

Claude is a long hair cat that also needs a sani shave..his hair doesn't get matted too bad overall, but he really needs a good clean up in back! Desiree was very helpful in "catching" him. Claude walks all over me - so that was so helpful; not all groomers recognize that in the owner. i try my best to have him ready but sometimes it's hard. she was gentle and kind and explained how it went afterward. She listened to me and did not over cut his hair. i do not do a lion's cut or really trim is hair at all. Again, I simply appreciated her listening to my needs. Thank you!1

by Janee on Pawgo

Desiree was great. She was nice and gentle with teddy. She was on time and blended Teddy’s hair with his shave beautifuly . Also a wonderful nail trim on him too. Thx Desiree

by Marsha McDaniels on Pawgo

Desiree was fantastic! This is the first time I used Pawgo and was extremely pleased. Desiree was on time, sweet, kind and geniurely loves dogs! She did a great job and I was so happy to find her. My dogs all fell in love with her. I only want Desiree to groom my Poochies from now on. I am one happy customer with 5 happy Shih Tsus.

by Angela on Pawgo

Desiree is awesome! She has been our groomer the last few time and I only request her now. My dogs all have different personalities and she really does a wonderful job. See you in 6 weeks!

by Tammy on Pawgo

Desiree has been grooming my two Shih Tzus, Trixie & Charlie, for several months now. While Trixie is only too happy to be pampered during a grooming, Charlie is a grouchy old man. It had been a struggle to find a groomer who could not only groom him well but also do it without him wanting to attack her. Desiree seems to have that magic touch needed from a groomer when they have a client like Charlie who has behavior challenges. They both always look great and groomed according to my requests on length and style.

by jan on Pawgo

~ Prompt and efficient. "The Took" our Jack Chi mix enjoyed his nail experience with Desiree.

by Marna Morgan on Pawgo

Does a good job. Treats Rooster like her own.

by Andrea on Pawgo

She was amazing with my Biscuit. Explained to her how he gets touchy around his feet and she paid extra time and care not to upset him. Love the cut as he is a Maltepoo. Definately be requesting her again. So is gentle and caring.

by Sue on Pawgo

Desiree comes monthly to give Lex (who is a Pixiebob cat) a mani-pedicure. She is great with him and while he does not always like it, when done he always makes sure he gives her a good sniff to say Thanks.

by Marna Morgan on Pawgo

Does a good job. Professional, accommodating, punctual and efficient.

by Cheryl Traines on Pawgo

What is most important to me is how my Jazz feels about her experience. Jazz loves Desiree! She is happy to see her and Jazz seems to know that she is beautiful after her grooming. Happy Mom and Happy Jazz.

by Nina on Pawgo

Desiree was great with Cooper. She cut his very long shaggy hair right down to where we wanted it. She was friendly and professional and really seemed to know how to handle my sometimes unruly dog. She really did a great job on the cut. My only problem was that it was to include a nail trim and I didn't notice until she left that she hadn't done it. Not a huge deal as I can do them myself but since it was part of the service I would have liked it done. All in all she was great and I will use her again. I will also recommend her to others.

by Scott Rosenthal on Pawgo

Desiree was wonderful to our beloved Stewie. He is a large male norweigen forest cat that has very thick long fur that mats very easily. She shaved and clean him up and trimmed his nails in about 45 minutes! Thank you so much Desiree! We will be contacting you next time for sure. I highly recommend her for any cat owners out there that need this type of service!

by Penny and Tom CHAILLE on Pawgo

Desiree did a fantastic job on Reesie and Lucy they were very well groomed and we look forward to Desiree coming again

by Francesca on Pawgo

Desiree is AMAZING! She is so good with cats and my dogs love her too. She is always prompt and she is super efficient. You can tell she just loves animals. We are so lucky to have found her and Pawgo Galloping Groomers.

by Tammy on Pawgo

I have 4 dogs and Desiree does an amazing job with each of them. In particular, I have a pretty old and grouchy Shih Tzu who hates to be groomed and some groomers refuse to groom him because of his behavior. Desiree somehow manages to get him groomed and make him all spiffy in spite of his bad attitude!

by Elisa on Pawgo

You are awesome Desiree! Our Dusty girl looks awesome.

by Denise on Pawgo

Desiree did an amazing job with our girls Josie & Honey Honey. We look forward to seeing her again.

by Angela on Pawgo

Desiree is excellent! She does great work, and has a really good attitude. It's evident she enjoys what she does. Highly recommend.

by Sue Roe on Pawgo

Excellent job. Thanks on behalf of Lex!

by Patricia Dersam on Pawgo

Some how when I scheduled on line the booking never made it to the office; therefore there was no grooming. In the past she has done a wonderful job.

by Paula on Pawgo

I liked how she treated my little guy but more important let he was comfortable with her because she spent some time introducing herself to ziggy

by Karen on Pawgo

Thank you Desiree. You are a great groomer and good with animals.

by Shauna z on Pawgo

She was great professional and our doodle looked amazing.!!! We were very pleased with our experience and will be using her again!

by denise on Pawgo

In the past when Milie got groomed, she would come home and you could just tell she was embarrassed Millie looks amazing Desiree did an incredible job!!!

Thank you Denise.