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 68 reviews
by Nicole Zopf on Pawgo

We love you. She is great

I just think dogs make us better people. It’s definitely all about the comfort of the pets with me.

I am an active member of the trap/neuter release program for feral cats.  While not grooming dogs, I would rather be at an Elvis Costello concert!

My schedule: Tuesdays thru Saturdays – 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Average rating:  
 68 reviews
by Nicole Zopf on Pawgo

We love you. She is great

by Mac McReynolds on Pawgo

Connie did a great job on Sunny , our golden who was a mess, we will definitely be using her again

by Jelaine on Pawgo

Connie is simply the best groomer we have ever come across. She is punctual, reliable and so super friendly. The best testimonial would come from my two nervous Chows...TheyLOVE her. They give all eight paws up for Connie!

by Debbi L. on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming our miniature schnauzers for years. She is wonderful with them, even the most difficult ones. She knows how to win their confidence and the dogs always come back looking wonderful and smelling fresh and clean.

by Bob/Pati on Pawgo

Connie is terrific with our pet Maddie who is about 17 years old and requires some exacting and special care. Maddie loves Connie who has been grooming her for several years and is very calm while she is being groomed in a loving friendly setting. We could not imagine having anyone else take care of are special puppy!

by Alisa Heller on Pawgo

As always, Connie is the best. Duke loves her and she is good good and easy with him. Duke hates to have.his ears and head dried so his auntie Connie works around that. Can’t wait to see you again soon.

by Kathy on Pawgo

Not only does Chauncey love, love, love Connie, I do too! Chauncey use to run away from a previous groomer's van. Now he waits for Connie's van to drive up so that he can give her kisses. I am very particular, and Connie is very understanding about that. She has a very close bond with Chauncey and I trust her completely with his specific needs. Connie is the best!!!

by Ann on Pawgo

Connie stands out! I've never hired a professional groomer and my dog (a 65 lb mixed breed Schnauzer) had never been professionally bathed/groomed. He's very timid and she handled him with great care. She was calm, cool, patient and gentle. She made him (and me) feel very comfortable. He looked and felt wonderful when she was finished. Would highly recommend her and will definitely book with her again.

by Kristi kelly on Pawgo

Connie is amazing! She is especially good with shy, fearful dogs. She takes the time and care to get to know them and makes hem feel safe. Blackie went from a shaking, crying mess to a dog that is happy to see her. We love Connie!

by Rachel on Pawgo

Connie was very attentive to our two dogs.She did a great job!

by Nancy W. on Pawgo

There is no other better than Connie. Love her.

by Liz on Pawgo

Connie is the best! I would not use anyone but her. She knows how to handle dogs, I have a difficult dog and she knows exactly what to do. Dogs just love her! Lol sounds funny but it’s true, she is a dog whisperer.

by Chuck Holley on Pawgo

Our SuziQ really like Connie.Connie makes SuziQ very relaxed and is even happy to see Connie when Connie pulls in the drive.Thanks Connie,you are the BEST

by Lisa Durkee on Pawgo

Connie is to good with our two dogs; she treats them like they are her family. She is very trustworthy and good to our pets. They always smell better too! : )

by Karyn & Gary Miller on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming our dog Marty since we rescued him over 2 years ago. She also groomed our last two Westies, Max & Morgan, for over 10 years. We went through several groomers before meeting Connie as Max had lots of anxiety. Besides being a fabulous groomer, Connie is gifted with dogs. Because of Connie's patient and caring demeanor, our dogs have always been thrilled to see her and comfortable to go with her to get groomed. Connie is part of our family and we will always be grateful to have crossed paths with her!

by Lori on Pawgo

Connie is FANTASTIC and always so patient with my deaf and blind dog who is so scared when walking outside the front door. Connie grooms both of my Brittany’s and they look great when completed. We appreciate all she does to keep them looking good. Thank you for taking such careful time with our rescue doggies, You are truly a gift!

by Jelaine on Pawgo

Connie is a true "dog whisperer". So gentle, patient and sweet with my very anxious and skittish chows. And they always come out looking fabulous!

by Trish on Pawgo

I’m not sure if the service date but Connie has been grooming my dog Duster.

Duster came to me at only 3.9 pounds. He should weigh between six and seven pounds. He was so close to death that my vet thought he was going to die. Connie was so careful with him on the first bath and groom. Duster is now 5.8 pounds and his last blood work showed Amazing improvement in his overall health. Connie has groomed him several times and he just loves her.

by Tim on Pawgo

We have two mixed breed dogs: one is a rescue, the other a stray; both are about 50 lbs and are 14 years old. Connie is very gentle and patient with both of them and she does an excellent job grooming them: both shed a LOT and she deals with this issue effectively and efficiently. Your dog(s) will love her; ours do.

by Guille on Pawgo

Connie is the best!!! She is an amazing groomer and such a sweet person.

by Randi on Pawgo

Connie was wonderful with the dogs and me! After a scare at a famous pet store, I didn’t know where to go for my doggies grooming. At luck of reading good reviews, I gave Pawgo a chance and Connie is a gem! Very friendly and personable, and also comfortable with letting me hang out with my pups while grooming. I trust her just from the first time and will continue to request Connie and know Pawgo has good intentions. Thanks again! :) Daisy and Morty say hi and Morty STILL smells good and not shedding from your amazing work!

by Alisa on Pawgo

Once again duke looks like a million bucks. However right after you left he jumped in the 🏊‍♀️ pool. Thanks for all you do for my puppy.

by Guy Alati on Pawgo

She loves our dogs. We look forward to her coming every six weeks.

by Susan on Pawgo

Connie is the best. Love love love you.

by Ana on Pawgo

Connie has groomed my pup for years and she is the BEST! I will never use anyone else...I hesitate to write a good review because then everyone else will want her too! She's that good!

by Nancy Wendt on Pawgo

There is not enough space to say all the great things about Connie. She’s awesome!!

by Rosey preisel on Pawgo

We love connie. She is the best. Shes done all my dogs for the past 20 years. My corgie is very finicky and she is the only one he will let brush him.she is a true dog lover.

by Karen Charvonia on Pawgo

Connie is the very best groomer I have ever had. My dogs love her and she is so good at what she does. I hope I have her as my groomer the rest of time!

by Debbi L on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming my miniature schnauzers for years. She has a great way with them and they always come back looking great and smelling wonderful.

by Liz on Pawgo

Connie is just the best! The dogs love her and she is like a dog whisperer!!! I would not use anyone other than Connie. She has groomed all my dogs throughout the years. Even my latest, chihuahua mix who can be a little biter but she knows how to handle him , it’s almost as if she is part dog!

by Jennifer S on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming Tex for several years - they are pals! I always know Tex will be well groomed and loved during the process. Thank you Connie for all of the wonderful service, grooming and love for Tex. If I had a phrase to describe - I'd say, "thank you for the Peach of Mind".

by Barbara Rosen on Pawgo

I thought Connie did a great job on Dakota. I would highly recommend her to anyone for grooming their loved pets.

by Nancy on Pawgo

Connie is simply the best!

by Pat Lawlus on Pawgo

Connie grooms my Tibetan Terrier Duffy monthly and I have always been delighted.She obviously loves her job and Duffy cannot wait to see her.As always, thanks Connie!!!

by Judy B on Pawgo

Lexi is our second dog. Our first dog Cooper passed away suddenly last October. Connie took great care of Cooper and was devastated when she found out he passed.Subsequently, we adopted Lexi and although she doesn't need the same services as Cooper, I did not hesitate to contact Pawgo again and ask for Connie. She was honored.She is the dog whisperer as has given me helpful hints for Lexi.These reviews being all positive, make Connie very busy. Thus one would need to plan aaccordingly for her services.

by Nancy Wendt on Pawgo

Connie is the best. Would recommend her without hesitation. She will take great care of your babies.

by Mark Kolman on Pawgo

Connie is the BEST! My boys love her and are crazy when she comes. She takes one at a time and the other just cries. Connie does an incredible job with two scrufty goldens. They look beautiful when she is done and I know they were treated well. I also don't have to drive them to a shop, leave them, and come back. We have been using Connie for about 10 years and recommend her all the time. Great Job.

by alisa on Pawgo

As I've said before Connie is the best. She always takes such good care of my buddy Duke. He LOVES her... and so do we! can't wait for his next bath!

by Steve Jakub on Pawgo

Connie did a great job with Seymour, our pit bull/bulldog mix. She let him know right away that she was friendly and fun so that Seymour was enthusiastic about heading to the van for his bath. Connie treated him like one of her own pack and we would definitely book her again.

by Mike on Pawgo

Connie did a great job on Toby as usual. She has a great attitude and is always happy to see us. I’m really happy we found her and would recommend her to anyone.

by Mike on Pawgo

Great job!!! Pups looking good and appreciate the special attention you bring to each grooming session. You are part of our pack!! 🐾🐾

by Rosey preisel on Pawgo

I love connie. We have used her for over 15 years on multiple animals. My dog now has a lot of fur and broke his leg. He doesnt let anyone touch that area and she does a great job washing it and brushung it best she can. Shes is the best!

by Alisa Heller on Pawgo

As always you take such good care of my little Duke. This chocolate cocker with the hazel eyes is sparkling clean and said he can’t wait to see you again.

by Pat Lawlus on Pawgo

Have used Connie for years. While my Tibetan Terrier Duffy is not fond of the dryer he loves Connie.She always does a great job on him and I would recommend her highly.

by Nancy on Pawgo

Connie is plain and simply the best!!

by Mike on Pawgo

Great job Connie. The girls “winter” grooming will keep them warm during the colder months to come! Thank you for making them feel like they are your only clients!!!

by Kathy on Pawgo

Connie is awesome! She has been grooming our dog for over 5years. Our dog is very stubborn and doesn’t like to be groomed but Connie is like the “dog whisper” and has managed to get him to actuallly look forward to his appointments!

by Linda Dasher on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming our dogs for years, She is wonderful and the dogs love her!

by Marlene on Pawgo

We have known Connie for years. She’s not only a great groomer but a wonderful person. Hard working and loyal to all her customers. Does a fabulous job. Our little guy is shy at first but warms up immediately. She has great interaction with us humans but but really hits the mark with the little guys!

by Lori and Jim on Pawgo

Connie has been Tegan's groomer since we got her 6 years ago and Keeley's for years before. Connie is absolutely the best! Tegan HATES being groomed, brushed, untangled, and/or dried. But, when she sees Connie she is totally conflicted. Tail wagging like crazy she's so happy to see her, but absolutely refusing to budge ... if you want me you'll have to carry me is her attitude. Connie looks totally past that, picks her up (no mean feat given her size and shape) and gently takes her out to the van. All is forgiven after the bath and brushing because Connie has COOKIES!!! I don't know what we'll do if Connie ever decides to retire ... she's truly the "dog whisperer".

by Jacqueline on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming our dogs forever. Neither of the girls want to go with her willingly but she makes it work in a positive way. Connie is not just an amazing groomer but she is great with the dogs. She has such a kind mannerism and loving heart. Wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone but Connie grooming our fur babies.

by Sally munson on Pawgo

Connie was very personable and you could tell she enjoyed her work. The dogs looked well groomed,.

by jason on Pawgo

Connie has been our groomer for over 10 years! We love her extremely positive attitude, work ethic and skill as a groomer. We highly recommend Connie!

by Lisa on Pawgo

We love Connie!!! She's been grooming our Brussels Griffon for years now and we couldn't be happier with her. The service is great and the dog loves her (Tia doesn't love just anybody!). She's very punctual, clean, professional, and enthusiastic! Thanks Connie!!!

by Jeanine on Pawgo

Connie is the best! She has been grooming my dogs for what seems like decades...I know it has been more than 15 years...not sure how long. I don't know what we will do if she ever retires.

by Mike Mills on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming our dog Toby for several years now. He really doesn’t like to be get wet and be groomed but she always greets him with a smile and some treats which definitely helps. She does a really nice job and has him back to us in no time. She always has a great positive attitude. We are very glad we found Connie and are very happy to have her take care of Toby.

by Rosemary preisel on Pawgo

Connie is the best. Ive used her for over 10 years. She is so reliable and dependable. She truly loves the dogs and does an excellent job!

by Pat Lawlus on Pawgo

Connie has groomed my dogs forever......Duffy adores her as do my cats ( well, maybe one at least). She is great!!!

by Alisa Heller on Pawgo

We ❤️ Connie. As soon as she walks in the door Duke is just jumping for joy. He adores her and we do too. No other groomer for us, ever! Connie you can never retire 😘

by Pat S on Pawgo

Connie is wonderful!!! My pups love her and so do I. We will never have another groomer. When the doorbell rings it's like they know it's her for them and they run to the door. They smell so good when she's finished and they sleep really well. We love Connie💋💋💋 Maggie Molly and Max

by Kelly on Pawgo

Connie is the best! She has been grooming our dogs for over a decade. She is very kind with our pets and treats them like family!

by Nancy on Pawgo

We love Connie! She is incredible with Bailey and we wouldn't have anyone else as his groomer.

by Mike Horn on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming my dogs for years. She has always been fantastic with the pups and I have always been happy with the results.
I have recommended her many times without any hesitation.
As long as Connie is available for grooming, I will continue to ask for her.

by Brian and Rachel on Pawgo

Nobody is better than Connie. Both as a professional and as a person. Lucy, our Cavachon, adores her and there is great reason why. Duke, our elderly lab, who is mostly a passive observer, patiently waits for his sister to finish her grooming so that he can say hi to one of his favorite people - Connie. She does an amazing job, is incredibly kind and a pleasure to work with. We have high-needs dogs and we are completely confident when they are in the care of Connie. We will never go elsewhere. Thank you, Connie!

by Mark Kolman on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming my boys for several years and they LOVE her. She is great with the dogs and her finished look on them is wonderful. Tonto & Teddy are golden retrievers - one tall and skinny and the other - well, we call Teddy "Tubby." When Connie is done with them, they are both beautiful. Connie is always on time, she leave no mess behind, and we are always delighted with the way the boys look after she is done. She also is a wonderful person, who is fun to talk to and very dedicated to my guys. We tried another groomer once, when Connie wasn't available. We will never make that mistake again - she is the best!! You can tell she loves her job, loves her dogs, and makes the event fun for the boys. Thank you, Connie.

by Alisa Heller on Pawgo

Connie is the most wonderful groomer. She is warm and caring. My pup loves her to death. I wouldn't let any other person groom my dogs. BEST GROOMER EVER !!!!!

by Laurie on Pawgo

There is nobody better than Connie. My dogs love her way more than they love me. And if there's any way you could clone her, you should. We love, love, love her. It's funny because when I walk by the truck, and she's outside grooming, I can hear her carrying on conversations with my dogs like they're humans. She really does love and understand them. My dogs are much happier now that she is in their lives.

by Robbie on Pawgo

Connie has been grooming our dogs for years, and she is the best! Not only is she a very experienced groomer who knows how to shave our dogs attractively, but she also works quickly and lovingly. Her affection for dogs isn't just a performance for the dog owner; I often hear her carrying on conversations with my dogs when she doesn't realize I'm nearby. One of my dogs, Sadie, is very particular about which humans she likes, and she absolutely LOVES Connie!