Chandler Prescott Mobile Dog Cat Groomer

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 26 reviews
by Norms on Pawgo

Our groomer did such a wonderful job we love how puffy our cat looks so we will be reaching out to you in the future for our other two cats thank you so much ❤️ PUFFY looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hello I’m Shaunte, I was born in California but I’ve lived in Texaa, Fla, Ga, and LA. I’ve been grooming 17 years now, I have also worked at shelters and vet offices.

So as you can see animals has always been my passion. I hope to both give your furry family member a great experience but also a great new look. I look forward to meeting you and your wonderful pets.

My hours are M-F  – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Average rating:  
 26 reviews
by Norms on Pawgo

Our groomer did such a wonderful job we love how puffy our cat looks so we will be reaching out to you in the future for our other two cats thank you so much ❤️ PUFFY looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

by jeff auker on Pawgo

OMG!!! All I can say is get Shaunte to groom your pets. She is by far the best groomer we ever had. She has a mobile unit which makes our girls feel much more comfortable not having to leave their home. Not only that Shaunte is a natural with pets. Our girls they took to her so easy. She does a wonderful professional job, and her suggestions are spot on. We love the outstanding service you always give us Shaunte, and so does our girls. Have a great day.!!!! Kisses and hugs Shaunte we love you Cleopatra and Selene oxoxox

by Sue on Pawgo

I highly recommend Shaunte! Our 1 year old GSD puppy had grown so big he could not go to our Lhasa Apso groomers, so we looked for a mobile groomer who cares for larger dogs. Buddy took to Shaunte right away and she had him cleaned and nails trimmed in no time! Not only is the service outstanding, the price is reasonable. Shaunte you will hear from us when Buddy needs groomed again - thank you!

by Charlotte on Pawgo

Shaunte was wonderful. Really easy to talk with, and was very understanding of the rather odd/interesting situation I found myself in (my cat had gotten banned from his previous groomer for bad behavior and was only partially groomed!). She was able to deal with his attitude, and get the grooming completed, and most importantly was not scared away from future appointments. Would easily recommend her to anyone in the area, and will definitely be looking her up when a next grooming is needed.

by Linda Newhouse on Pawgo

Lila needed de-matting. It only took half an hour. She was pleasant and quick. This was my first time having an animal groomed. It was a great experience. Thank-you.

by George on Pawgo

Shaunte was very professional and courteous. She listened closely regarding my dog's idiosyncrasies when getting groomed. The grooming was excellent and completed within an hour or so. Very pleasent and nice perso. I would highly recommend Shaunte.

by Kelly on Pawgo

Shaunte was great with my nervous dog. She took such great care of him. Both dogs were fresh and fluffy without leaving home.

by Kerri on Pawgo

Shaunte put both my dogs right at ease. They were looking and feeling great when she was done. So pleased to have found a mobile pet grooming service and an excellent groomer in Shaunte. She’s a keeper!!

by Linda on Pawgo

Shaunte is the only groomer who did as I asked timewise. My dog has Valley Fever and gets highly stressed, so when Shaunte was done grooming in 45 minutes, i was blown away. I didnt care if my dog was perfectly done, i just wanted quick and this woman managed both. Kudos Shaunte. Pawgo you have a winner.

by Deborah R Turner on Pawgo

Shauta not only made my little lady beautiful again she made her comfortable, Very satisfiedThank u

by Jeff & Sue Auker on Pawgo

We are so happy we have Shaunte as Cleopatar's groomer. She is very friendly, punctual, efficent, and does an awesome job doing a full grooming our little girl. Cleopatra is a small 5lb. Yorkiepoo and very delicate. We highly recommend Shaunte. Outstanding job Shaunte as ALWAYS!!!!!

by Jean Biegler on Pawgo

We are so happy we called Pawgo and they sent us Shaunte. She was very friendly and pleasant and was so good with Sedona. Sedona was very comfortable with her and let her trim her nails. Best groomer we have ever had.

by John Collins on Pawgo

Shaunte was terrific. Daisy loved her. I would highly recommend her services.

by Jim on Pawgo

Shaunte is the best groomer I have found to groom our Shih Tzu/ Yorkie mix. Cooper is very comfortable with her and I am extremely happy with his grooming. Cooper’s claws are like talons and Shaunte is the only groomer I have found that gets them short enough that I don’t have to mess with them until his next grooming. I have had some bad experiences with groomers and am so glad that I have found Shaunte.

by Rocio Encinas on Pawgo

Shaunte is so good to my babies (yorkies). She does a really good job. My doggies love her. She is always on time.

by Joan Laurie on Pawgo

Does a fantastic job on my Lhasa-Poo. Only problem is with Meghan, she seems to be afraid to go with her but after she picks her up, no problem. Dog has terrible separation anxiety problems - a stray rescue - wandering streets for a long time. Asked the owner if the next time she grooms her (1/28) to bring a small treat to show Meghan that groomer is a nice lady/friend and not to be afraid to go with her. Will see if that works. The problem is with the dog - not Shaunte.

by Linda on Pawgo

Shaunte did an excellent job with our dog, Stanley. She was able to get to places he normally doesn't like people touching, and he came back clean, happy and relaxed. Thank you, Shaunte!

by Terri &Brian on Pawgo

Shaunte was the best groomer we have ever had!...Our cat, Mango, has had many “lion cuts” through the years, and this was by far the best experience - He is 18 pounds, and past groomers have requested that we “assist”, and one took 2 hours! Shaunte was so fast, had him in and out in a jiffy, and was personable and professional...Best of all, he looks like such a cute little lion! Definitely recommend!

Thank you - we are glad, Mango looks great! What a cute name: )

by Linda on Pawgo

Shaunte did a great job with my boy Charlie. He is normally timid and a bit scared of people he doesn’t know but Shaunte treated him right. I was nervous to have to find a new groomer but found I made the right choice. I will definitely book my next appointment with her. Thanks again for doing such a good job.

by Lawanda Bowser on Pawgo

Shaunte was right on time for our appointment. Rascal who is usually a bit timid with new groomers, was very easy with her. She did an awesome job on his puppy cut. She was very polite and I will definitely request her services again.

by Pamela on Pawgo

Shaunte did a great lion's cut on our cat. My house has never been so hair-free! I will definitely be using her again! ;-)

by Gordon on Pawgo

Shaunte was terrific. Our boy has never looked better!

by Michelle on Pawgo

Shaunte was on time for Stormy's appointment and had him done in no time at all. She did a great job giving him his summer shave-down. He looked really nice and cool and could tell he felt good. Shaunte was friendly and explained what she did and I will definitely call upon her again. Thanks so much!

by Heather on Pawgo

Shaunte is awesome! Both of our fur babies looked great. Highly recommend.

by Rocio Encinas on Pawgo

My dogs loved her. She did an amazing job! My puppies weren’t shaken up like usual. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Definitely will be requesting her again! Thank you for treating my babies in such a loving way!

by Donna on Pawgo

Arrived early and did the best job with our precious pup. Izzy is usually shaken up after getting groomed, but she liked Shaunte so much I think she would have gone home with her. We will request her services again!