Run your mobile grooming business without lifting a paw

FREE to join. No commission charges. No monthly fees. Cancel anytime.

    What is Pawgo Pals®?

    Pawgo Pals is a FREE membership program for independent mobile groomers who have their own vans.

    Pals get a number of benefits, like new customer leads, Petista® routing and booking software, search friendly website & hosting, online booking, unlimited appointment reminders, 2.5% credit card processing & more all for FREE.

    More savings. Less driving. More profits.

    Easy Booking

    Reduce the stress of phone calls with online & text booking, simple rebooking & built in agreements

    Stay Organized

    Increase your efficiency with our intelligent routing system & free unlimited appointment reminders

    Increase Profits

    Integrated product store, 2.5% credit card processing, no monthly fees & no per transaction fees

    Advanced Scheduling

    Easily manage your day with our intelligent scheduling system. Our smart engine AI automatically calculates time needed for each appointment and plans the best route for you.

    • Intelligent routing map with driving distance & number of stops

    • View your upcoming appointments at a glance

    • Stop taking bookings if your day is full or you're feeling tired

    Integrated Product Store

    Recommend products to your clients through our integrated product store and earn more money each time you groom.

    • Sell ancillary products - essential oils, supplies, etc.

    • Increase your revenue per transaction

    • Upload your own images & sell your own products

    Real Time Before & After Photos

    Show off your skills with before & after photos, integrated directly within our app & automatically uploaded to your personal portfolio page.

    • Impress & attract customers - easily share on social media

    • Content updated as you complete jobs

    • Get found on search engines - optimized for Google

    Integrated Payment Processing

    Keep more of what you make with our low cost payment processing. Accept all major credit cards plus Google Pay & Apple Pay.

    • 2.5% merchant rate

    • No per transaction fees or monthly fees

    • Compatible with Zelle & Venmo

    "I've been grooming for over 25 years. This app makes life easier because I have my grandkids living with me. It's easy to see my schedule & take time off."

    "All my clients in LA are 100% credit cards. I like the fact that I get paid everyday. I've tried other apps. Most of them have very similar features. I just like the flexibility and the fact I prefer cats is showcased."

    "I like to take the month of August off because it gets HOT in AZ. I like the fact that my flexibility is built into the app. I don't do cats & doodles. And I like the fact that I can avoid those breeds."

    Stay Competitive with Zone Based Geo-Pricing

    Our smart engine AI analyzes competitor pricing in your area and automatically calculates recommended pricing by neighborhood, breed, weight, and more.

    • Real time price monitoring in your area

    • Don't sell yourself short - benchmark prices against your competition

    • Easily customize & control your pricing

    FREE Legal Shield

    Protect yourself from lawsuits with our built-in legal agreements and customer contracts. We've spent thousands on legal work so that you don't have to.

    • Best legal contracts in the industry

    • Protect yourself from lawsuits

    • Completely FREE for Pawgo Pals

    FREE Virtual Receptionist

    Focus more on your business and less on administrative work. We are happy to book clients who prefer to schedule over the phone.

    • Call support for bookings & reservations

    • Reduce stress & free up your day

    • Appointments scheduled around your settings & preferences

    Protect Your Business with "Find My Van"

    Locate your van anywhere, anytime. Simply upgrade to Pawgo Pals + GPS for only $29 per month and sleep well knowing where your van is at all times.

      What software features does the Pawgo Pal program include?

      From online booking, scheduling, and integrated payment methods to our intelligent routing system and vehicle maintenance, our system includes all the tools your mobile grooming company needs to be successful. Pals get:

      • Schedule & Manage Appointments

      • Record Keeping & Notes

      • Reporting

      • Automated Reminders

      • 24/7 Online Booking

      • Repeat Booking

      • SMS Client Messaging

      • Real Time Reviews

      • Online Portfolio

      • Payment Processing

      • Daily Deposits

      • Multi-Layered Security

      • SEO Optimized Personal Website

      • Personal Online Store (For Upsells)

      • Customized Client Pricing

      • Customized Workload

      • Technical Support

      • Route Planning

      • Intelligent Routing System

      • Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

      Pawgo Pals is the quickest & smartest way to set up & operate your mobile grooming business

      How does it work?

      • Sign up through Petista to get approved

      • Quickly set your grooming preferences

      • Easily manage clients, appointments & payments

      Ready to become a Pawgo Pal? Sign up today!

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