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 54 reviews
by Lisa on Pawgo

Great service! She washed and cut my dogs hair and nails and did a great job.

Raiven was born and raised in Arizona and has always had a love for animals. While growing up, she had a miniature schnauzer. She holds a special place in her heart for the breed. She started pet sitting 11 years ago and has worked in the pet care industry ever since. She loved being able to give my clients the confidence that their fur babies were being taken care of, which carried over into her grooming career.

Raiven believes that pets have a special place in the human experience because they offer unconditional love and joy. She enjoys grooming because pets seem to feel happier and better when they are clean and groomed. In her free time, she attends comedy shows and outdoor festivals when the weather is good. She also likes to go to dinner with friends. Raiven has three cats, named Puppy, Smudge and Tuxedo. If she could be any animal, it would be a bird because they can get place to place easily (without dealing with traffic!)

Raiven’s schedule: Sundays thru Thursdays – 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Average rating:  
 54 reviews
by Lisa on Pawgo

Great service! She washed and cut my dogs hair and nails and did a great job.

by Steve on Pawgo

Raiven is awesome. Professional, engaging, punctual, and really pays attention to detail. A class act. She's a keeper if you want a regular groomer.

by S. Hayes on Pawgo

First mobile grooming experience and we couldn’t have picked a better one! Raiven was anazing and gentle and sweet. We will definitely be calling again and will never go anywhere else. Totally convenient and affordable!

by Lisa on Pawgo

It was our first time using this company and Raven surpassed our expectations! Our two dogs have never looked better; they had tangles and were gnatted but Raven performed a miracle! Thank you!

by MK on Pawgo

Raiven has been grooming the furbabies at my house for some time now. Old, cranky, stinky - young, fearful, nibbler - Raiven has done them all. She is always here when scheduled and works around whatever happens to be taking place while she is here. I schedule a year in advance because I want the best for my babies!!

by Marcy Warner on Pawgo

Raiven is the best!! I almost hesitate to say how wonderful she is because she is already so popular it's getting hard to book her, so call early if you want the best!!

by Orna on Pawgo

Our dogs love Raivn. Even Emma who is still afraid of strangers was OK to go to the van. We are very happy.

by Christy Wosmek on Pawgo

Raiven did my 1st pug Jordan for many years, she now is dealing with my pug puppy Pepper Chanel. I have my pugs shaved to control hair and they always look beautiful when Raiven finishes with them. We love Raiven..

by Jennifer on Pawgo

Raiven was so sweet and gentle with our schnauzers! We have a 16 year old and a puppy!! She was so kind and gentle with them both, especially the old guy!
Thanks so much for your kindness towards him. I appreciated you so much. I am so happy to have found you and my doggies will be looking forward to seeing their new friend!

by Lisa on Pawgo

Raiven did such an awesome job with my 2 Minuture Schnauzers. She was on time and show compassion for my girls. My girls like her too. I will continue to use her. Thanks so much.

by Chris Baum on Pawgo

Raiven. You did a great job on my boys. They are so much more confortable with their new hair cuts. Thank you for being so patient with them. I know they can be difficult at times. Will be calling to set up there next appointment soon.

by susan rosen on Pawgo

My Charlie is a mixed breed Border Terrier, and LuluBelle is a Chug. Both rescues who require gentleness and understanding. Whether its clipping Charlie's locks to just the right length for the season, or cutting Lulu's nails to just the right length (w/o drawing blood!), I always know that Raven is going to do the best possible job. I've learned that there are many groomers out there.....and that Raven stands out in the crowd. Raven has a real love of animals, and a natural talent for making them look their best. On top of that, she has a 5 star personality. I hope she never leaves Pawgo!

by James on Pawgo

Raiven always does such an excellent job with Osi. He was rescued from a bad puppy mill situation and is extremely skittish, but Raiven always handles him so well.

by Marcy Warner on Pawgo

We just love Raiven and our puppies do too. She was very kind and was extremely gentle and caring with our elderly poodle, now she handles our energetic pups with ease. She does a great job shaping up our maltipoo. Best groomer ever!

by Kathy Pujat on Pawgo

This was my first time with Pawgo and Raiven as the groomer for my terrier mix fur babies, Oscar and Sophie. I explained how I wanted them groomed and she got it perfect the first time! I will be scheduling with Raiven again.

by SRowe on Pawgo

I love Raiven, more importantly my Shih-tzu Atticus Loves and feels so comfortable with her. He always looks so beautiful after the grooming session! I make certain to book the next appointment with her, have to book ahead, Raiven is in high demand 😁

by Lu Ann on Pawgo

Raiven does a fantastic job grooming my two large dogs. One of my dogs is very fearful of being blow dried but she actually loves Raiven and looks forward to grooming. Raiven is very gentle with both dogs and they look forward to being groomed. Raiven is the only dog groomer I need or want!

by Maria on Pawgo

Raven is the greatest! Both Muffles and Amador look so beautiful thanks to her! She is a very kind person, and my babies and I really like and appreciate her! She is the best groomer we have ever had, and would recommend her highly. I will always book with her. 🤗🤗

by Lily on Pawgo

Dogs looked great and were calm and happy with Raiven--that was my first experience with Pawgo and I'll be scheduling with Raiven from here on out!Thanks Raiven for an excellent experience!

by Mary on Pawgo

Cooper looked FABULOUS Raiven! Thank you so much for the great job you do with him and for always being so prompt!!!

by Mary Johnson on Pawgo

Does great job won't use anyone else !

by Maureen on Pawgo

Bogart, an English Springer Spaniel had a 'summer shave' including nails, ears and a bath. He looked great. Thank you!

by Patty on Pawgo

Raiven is the best groomer, only request her. My older yorkie loves her and our long haired dachshund enjoyed her for the first time. She was shedding badly, Raiven worked her magic! Book early as she gets very busy!

by Karen Nagle on Pawgo

Raiven is amazing with our little ones. She always takes the time to be soooo nice! Walker is scared of everyone except Raiven. Emerson is ADHD, lol, not really, but Raiven keeps him in line. Thanks for everything, Raiven, you're the best!

by Bryce on Pawgo

She does an awesome job.

by Peggy C on Pawgo

Ginger does very well with Raven, because Ginger is a very smart little dog, she does NOT like everyone, but she knows how loving Raven is! This is the best groomer we've ever had, she's on time, she really listens when we let her know our preferences. Ginger looks beautiful when she's done and happy too!

by Karen on Pawgo

Zsa zsa is a pomeranian who gets a teddy bear cut. Raiven did a great job. She listened to all my concerns. Having raiven come to our home was less stressful for zsa zsa . She looked adorable. Thanks raiven for taking such good care of my baby.

by Dan on Pawgo

Raiven was very nice to our older golden retriever mix,sunny...she can’t sit at old groomers because she is too old and can’t handle it..having Raiven come by and cut her much excess hair was fantastic..I swear sunny lost 10 lbs lbs after her hair cut...she looks good and my wife was very happy. This again Raiven!!!

by Becky Eggen on Pawgo

Raiven is so awesome! So happy that we found her to groom my crazy little schnauzer Toby. He has had bad experiences with groomers in the past but Raiven is helping him to have faith that he won’t be abused again with her gentle and kind ways. Thanks so much, we love you!! 😘😘😘

by Mindy Lefkowitz on Pawgo

My boys, Gustav and Sasha and I just adore Raiven. She is kind and gentle and always does a terrific job. They are always so happy after the grooming with Raiven. Thank you Raiven, you are the best!

by Cindy Scifo on Pawgo

Raiven is the BEST. She is not only a great groomer, she is so loving with our dog.

by Mollie Ogden on Pawgo

Raiven is just the Very best!!! Not only is she a wonderful groomer, but she is just so kind and loving to our two dogs! Sophie is a Maltipoo that we rescued over 5 years ago and Scooter is a Schnauzer that we rescued last July 2017. Raiven is most adept and talented in grooming both breeds. We love Raiven!

by Dawn on Pawgo

As always love Raiven she is awesome. She does a great job with Seamus and he adores her. I have been so pleased over the past few years. So excited to continue working with you. I love the new van!

by Mary on Pawgo

Thank you Raiven, for the excellent job you do when grooming Cooper. Being that he is a standard poodle, not many groomers can not handle him and make him look so beautiful! He isn't excited about getting groomed, but I know when he is finished with the appointment, he is always is a good mood! He really likes you, even though he doesn't like the grooming:) Thank you for taking such great care of him!

by Linda on Pawgo

I found pawgo and Raiven about a year ago and the combo is perfect for us. Lucy is so much happier on grooming day then ever before. Raiven works very hard to please Lucy andME. She always succeeds! Lucy is a mix of Schnauser, Tibetan Terrier and ??? A Benji looking dog. I would recommend Raiven all day long.

by Catherine Davidson on Pawgo

OMG - I rescued a beautiful senior dog from the pound a week before. My new baby was so overgrown and matted, he could barely walk. It was like he'd pretty much given up on life. Raven arrived and I was terrified that Maxwell wouldn't be able to be saved. Two hours later, Raven exited the van and in her arms was a timid yet groomed boy, over five years of overgrowth gone! His nails were so bad, they curled and grew into the pads of his feet, which were matted so bad, I couldn't even find the pads.I had hoped for a miracle but now, two weeks later, I have a dog that is finally acting like a puppy - nipping at sky raisins and chasing the cat all over the backyard. He loves to snuggle in a blanket and is adorable in his little sweater.If it hadn't been for Raven and her care, concern, and talent, I don't think Maxwell would have survived. He was on his last chance at the shelter and all he needed was some love and someone who knew how to groom him properly. I cannot say enough about how incredible Raven is! Her caring attitude, her determination to not give up, and everything about her is so perfect. She gave life back to my baby and it was at a price that still has me blown away with how affordable it was! I plan to use again and have been recommending Raven and this company to everyone I know!Thank you!!! You saved Maxwell!

by Debbie Lindsay on Pawgo

Raven was the best, quick, kind and professional. Jazz loved her!

by Lauren Westbrook on Pawgo

Raiven is absolutely the best groomer! Not only does she give my little Lexi the best cut, but she always shows up with a big smile! She is always on-time, if not early... and if there is a problem she is always great about calling ahead of time. So appreciate all that she does.

by jerolyn on Pawgo

i wil only request Raiven.. she does an awesome job on my i injured little old lady Mini... i walked up to van and heard her singing and talking to her.. made my heart smile! she is wonderful with all of my dogs!

by Becky on Pawgo

Raiven is an awesome groomer! Toby is a challenge to groom and she works with him so well. She listens to my requests on things I would like her to handle with him and he always looks wonderful when she is done grooming him. Thanks Raiven!! Highly recommend her!!

by Dan Sussman on Pawgo

Raiven did a terrific job on Miles. It was a beautiful cut. Raiven also was extremely prompt. Her service met our expectations in every way. Highly recommended!

by Sherri on Pawgo

Not only does Raiven do a fabulous grooming job, she is the sweetest person, she shows our Atticus so much love, and we love her. We only ask for Raiven🤗

by Nicole on Pawgo

Raiven is fabulous. I like to have my Lab shaved down since she is 99% of the time indoors. She always looks so great when Raiven is done, never looks weird. Raiven has been grooming Izzy for the last 2 years and Izzy wags like crazy when she sees her pull up. I have recommended her to many of my friends.

by Jan on Pawgo

Raiven does a great job on Sprout. When I rescued Sprout in January she looked like she had never been groomed. When Raiven was through grooming her she looked like a show dog. Sprout loves when Raiven comes to groom her too. I highly recommend Raiven. She obviously loves the animals and when they love her back you know she is doing something right.Thanks Raiven.Jan and Sprout

by Marcy Warner on Pawgo

Raven is absolutely the BEST. She deals so patiently with my 18 year old toy poodle who is mostly blind and certainly deaf. Raven has adapted to her needs in the kindest way and I know this dog can be difficult. I would give Raven my absolute highest recommendation!

by R Hill on Pawgo

Both Sunny and I are very happy to have met Raven. After a couple of very unsatisfactory experiences with other groomers who had no idea how to trim a Bichon properly, it was . .a delight to find someone who knew the breed and how they should groomed . Sunny seemed very happy with the way she had been handled and we look forward to her next grooming session.

by Patty on Pawgo

Raiven has groomed our mini schnauzer and Yorkie for about a year and always does a wonderful job! Both are senior dogs with health problems. She is very calm and compassionate with their grooming needs, and she gives them lots of tender loving care!Wish I had found this service and especially Raiven sooner!

by George on Pawgo

We scheduled our two dogs to be groomed about a year ago. Raiven was the groomer we got. She was so good with our dogs and did such a great job, we have requested her ever since then.

by Connie on Pawgo

Raiven has been grooming our dogs for quite a while now and we are very impressed with how she handles them. Two are very skittish and she handles them with great patience and care. It's so nice to have someone we trust so much taking care of their grooming for us!

by Sharon on Pawgo

Raiven does an excellent job with our Bichon/poodle.Glad we found her!

by James on Pawgo

Raiven did such a wonderful job with Osi who is a special needs rescue and is very scared of strangers. She was very patient with him.

by Christy on Pawgo

Raiven has groomed my pug for years ... her work is excellent ... Jordan also loves Raivan and likes getting a shave and bath.

by Mollie Ogden on Pawgo

Raiven is wonderful!! She is so kind and caring to our dogs and she is a total pro at grooming them! It's always a pleasure to see her each month .

by Arlene on Pawgo

Raiven is a wonderful Groomer. She groomed my dogs many many times. She is very caring and knows them and they know her. She does a great job.