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 46 reviews
by Susan on Pawgo

E cellant and gentle w coco thank u

Jeanne has had a life long love for dogs. She has entered dog shows with her Siberian Husky, where she began learning how to groom.

She has been grooming for 12 years and loves her clients and their parents. In her spare time, she loves sewing costumes for herself and friends, entering costume contest, and simply geeking out at local and out of state conventions.

My schedule: Tuesdays thru Saturdays – 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Average rating:  
 46 reviews
by Susan on Pawgo

E cellant and gentle w coco thank u

by Julie on Pawgo

Jeanne does the best job with Jasper, my mini-pomeranian, ever. She's in high demand, so we have to book early, but it's definitely worth the wait. Thanks Jeanne

by Alan Immerman on Pawgo

Jeanie did a great job as she always does. We have used her for years. My doggie is a little afraid of grooming, but Jeanie handles her just great. She looks wonderful after the job is done and the price is very fair. I highly recommend Jeanie!

by Jane on Pawgo

Jeanne is fabulous. We have a somewhat challenging dog....does not like new people OR being groomed. Jeanne is incredibly kind and dog finally gives her kisses because Jeanne is so kind. My dog's wash and trim is always beautiful. I pray Jeanne NEVER retires!!

by Shawna on Pawgo

Jeanne is fabulous! Wouldn’t want any other groomer

by Kathe on Pawgo

Jeannie does a consistently very good job with Nina's Schnauzer cut. She is kind and also knows how to handle the dog emotionally which is very important.

by Bev Scott on Pawgo

WE LOVE Jeanne! And so do our pups!



by Joe on Pawgo

Jeanne was fast and did a great job ! Felt bad for forgetting to leave her a tip. Will book her again in the future!

by Heather on Pawgo

Jeanne is awesome!! She has been grooming my little fuzzy fur baby Chewbacca for almost 2 years now. She is always super sweet, animal loving and just an all around pleasure! Chewbacca is always looking and feeling great after a visit from Jeanne!!!

by Al on Pawgo

Jeanne Is the BEST! She takes such good care on our two pups and they absolutely love her! I highly recommend Jeanne!Thanks for providing excellent service! :-)

by Claudia on Pawgo

It was Ella’s first time for a full grooming and Jeanne did a great job! Ella is full of energy so I was concerned that she would not stay still however Jeanne made her look beautiful!

by Marcia on Pawgo

We think Jeanne does a fantastic job with Toto! Toto is a poodle terrier mix, about 25#. Jeanne always gives Toto a great grooming. We wouldn’t want anyone else grooming our Toto! He always looks very handsome.

by Judy on Pawgo

We love Jeanne! Her haircuts always make Lucy look great! We will keep using her as our groomer and would recommend her to anyone.

by Jane Werth on Pawgo

Onyou was from a shelter and is very suspicious about new people. Jeanne always takes the time to try to let Onyou warm up to her. Jeanne does a fabulous job grooming Onyou. Onyou seems to be a Tibetian Terrier mix and has very thick hair and she does not like combing. Jeanne always returns to us looking beautiful. She is the only groomer I wish to care for Onyou

by Monica on Pawgo

Jeanne is wonderful! I will request her again!

by Jen D on Pawgo

Jeanne came out to groom our 1 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Coco on April 6th. Jeanne was fantastic all around. From meeting Coco and and loving on him, to chatting with me and what we were looking for with his grooming. I asked for a natural cut, not to long, not too short and she understood exactly what I was trying to explain. When they were finished Coco looked great, perfect natural cut, ears even and clean, and just enough length to maintain that classic King Charles look. We have two chihuahuas as well, both super challenging to trim their nails, and Jeanne was on it and had them trimmed without incident. We are super happy with Jeanne and when it is time for our next appt I will be asking for Jeanne for sure! Thanks Pawgo!

by Robert on Pawgo

My springer spaniel mix, Beau, is a rescue dog and is skitterish around others..but Jeanne is so gentle and loving toward Beau, he warmed up to her immediately. The grooming was top notch and even Beau pranced around the house after his grooming.

by Kathy on Pawgo

SBear a Lhasa Apaso, she's 10yrs old, has only one eye and is blind, she's also diabetic. Jeanne was not the groomer I excepted to show up and as it turns out that was ok. Jeanne was wonderful with SB, she got her bath and the cut hair was to my specifications. I look forward to seeing Jeanne on SB's next appointment.

by Barbara DeLong on Pawgo

Jeannie is awesome. She grooms Smokey as if he were hers. I can always count on her for a perfect groom. For an extra large pet she handles him really well and Smokey always looks forward to seeing her

by Connie Shannon on Pawgo

I don't have to worry about my "Babies" with Jeanne,, They are always happy to see her and she is so good with them and that means the world to me...

by Debbie on Pawgo

Jeanne has been taking care of my two Yorkie mixes for almost 2 years. We have regular set schedule.(I had had a very bad experience with Petsmart prior to this, Rosie was cut and PM's Vet add to apply stiches.)On my way home that day, noticed the grooming truck in my area and knew they come that far north, I live in the Desert Ridge area. I have been happy with her since this. I have nothing negative to stay about her service in fact cannot think of anything. She is pleasant, professional and good to my dogs. Rosie, Sophie and I are very, very happy with her!!

by Kathy McKee on Pawgo

My little Marianne has lots of fear issues from her life on the streets where she rescued, but Jeanne does a wonderful job esthetically and emotionally with Marianne. Jeanne is just The Best.

by Deborah on Pawgo

Although I've had dogs most of my several decades on this planet, my little maltipoo is the first little dog I've ever had. Emma is my buddy in retirement, my companion on walks and my little sasser when she's annoyed with me! She is nervous when Jeanne arrives, but playful and sorry to see her go when all is said and done. Emma looks like she's had a day at the spa after Jeanne grooms her and I swear she carries that beautiful tail a little higher. Jeanne also pays attention to that other need when grooming - anal glands. Don't know why little dogs have more problems with that area, but suffice it to say Jeanne takes care of that too. Thanks Jeanne. I book with you every 4 weeks and I'm sure to get back on the schedule when the appointments I have are nearing the end.

by Kristy on Pawgo

Jeanne is Amazing! My dogs love her and she always takes her time to my sure they look perfect! I have a small white poodle mix and I like to keep her shaved Because she is an outgoing little dog who loves dirt, mud and water and Jeanne always does the cutest job and she gets compliments everywhere we go. Even when doing a shave, it’s obvious that Jeanne takes a lot of pride in her work. Also my nerotic Doberman loves her. I highly recommend her!

by Alisa on Pawgo

Jeanne did a wonderful job on Winston! He can be nervous about getting groomed but she made the experience so much better! We would definitely recommend her and will be using her again!

by Smith on Pawgo

Jeanne did a great job. Toby looks so handsome!

by The Rodriguez-Schucker Family on Pawgo

Jeanne did an amazing job. Handsome is a cattle dog mix and after his grooming is as soft as a poodle! Jeanne comforted Handsome's insecurities of hopping into a car with a stranger. She did such a pawsome job, that I will be booking her on a monthly basis. THANKS JEANNE!!!!!

by Shawna on Pawgo

The only thing to say is awesome!

by Judy on Pawgo

Loved the cut Jeanne did on Monster. His hair is so soft. Will definitely ask for Jeanne next time.

by Heather on Pawgo

Jeanne always does a terrific job!She takes great care of my lil fur baby and makes him look like a million bucks!

by Jennifer on Pawgo

Jeanne is so sweet and always does a great job!! Leo looks exactly as I had described. :)

by Sandy K on Pawgo

Jeanne always does a perfect job on Maxi, she is always nice, friendly and makes my little Maxi look great.

by Trish Bigacz on Pawgo

Mickey Moose is not fond of bathes but Jeanne did a very nice job

by Carol Seidberg on Pawgo

Jeannie is always terrific with my dogs. My Chihuahua was nervous at first after meeting her, but now gets along great. New pet, Lewis, also very content to be groomed.

by Barbara DeLong on Pawgo

Jeanne does an awesome job with Smokey. He is very hyper and jumps all over her. She knows how to handle him. Hopefully, I can get more training for him so she can be more relaxed when grooming. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for all you do!!!

by Vanessa on Pawgo

Jeanne is an awesome groomer and my dog Ginger loves her she does an awesome job always

by Darlene Shaw on Pawgo

Jeanne is the best, her love for dogs shines thru. My little Yorkie was a puppy mill, breeder dog for 5 years. Jeanne has made Annie more comfortable, being groomed. She is awesome and I love having her tend to my Annie.

by Jeanean on Pawgo

Jeanne is awesome!

by Shawna on Pawgo

Jeanne is always awesome and does a great job. Love her! However the new company name PAWGO? The name reminds me of Petco and so do the vans! I have been a steady customer for 7 years should have left Galloping Groomer as the name way better!

by Kathy McKee on Pawgo

Marianne was rescued off the streets at 56th & Camelback. Tiny, terrified, barks, jumps, nips, growls, but she LOVES Jeanne. Jeanne is a perfect, reliable, very talented groomer.

by Deborah on Pawgo

Emma loves Jeanne. She runs up to her every time she gets here. I know she's in good hands.

by Greg n Al on Pawgo

We wouldn’t trust our pups to anyone but Jeanne!! She loves our boys as much as we do and it shows every time they see her!!

by Lisa on Pawgo

We don't trust anyone but Jeanne. She is the best, so kind and patient with our skittish dog. It's evident that she has a genuine love of animals and she's amazing at what she does!

by Connie Shannon on Pawgo

Jeanne is AWESOME.... She is so great with Rowdy & Missy... Jeanne always says hi and talks to them and I really appreciate how kind she is with them... Rowdy always looks very handsome after his grooming and he knows it too...

by Marlena on Pawgo

Jeanne is just an awesome person to begin with! She is a very kind, committed and compassionate person in whatever she does. The only reason we stopped using her is because we left Phoenix.
She was always so wonderful with our girls, Chassie, Duffy and TwoSox. Duffy is a 10 pound Schnauzer that would always require a special touch due to her coat and Jeanne always made her look like a beautiful princess Schnauzer Duffy! She is just amazing with her skills as a groomer!
She is very gentle with older, skittish dogs, playful with the pups and consoling with the owners when one of their fur babies has crossed over. Myself, my husband and our son have had interaction with Jeanne and she is very, very personable and also very professional, we cannot begin to recommend her enough, we miss her immensely! She is a PEACH beyond comPEAR!!!